Administrative Office

10005 Norway
Ephraim  WI  54211

Phone (920) 854-5501
Fax (920) 854-2072

Admin Building

Located at 10005 Norway, the office is staffed by the Village Administrator - Brent Bristol who also serves as the Village of Ephraim Zoning Administrator, the Clerk/Treasurer Andrea Collak and Deputy Clerk - Kim Roberts.

Meeting Notifications

Notifications are posted at three of the following four locations, at least 24 hours before a scheduled meeting: the Administrative Office, the Village Website, the Information Center, or the Village Post Office. All meetings are open to the public, except those occasionally posted and conducted per Wisconsin Statues as closed sessions. Please refer to a posted agenda or contact the Office for specific meeting times.

The Administrator's duty is to coordinate the yearly budget process for all departments, and is primarily responsible for securing all grants available for improvements. The Administrator will coordinate all Village projects.

The Village Clerk/Treasurer works with the Village Administrator to monitor the income and expenses of the Village with regards to budgeting, billing, and cash forecasting, as well as investing funds. The Village Treasurer assists the County with the collection of Real Estate and Personal Property taxes. Dog licenses are required in Ephraim and are issued by the Treasurer. Please request an application from the office and mail it in, or stop by with a copy of your dog's Rabies Vaccination record.

The Deputy Clerk is your contact for all Hall rental questions and sewer or pump-out billing. Deputy Clerk coordinates the Village's Web Site as well as the development and production of informative brochures and pamphlets.  The Deputy Clerk is responsible for taking and keeping minutes for the Board of Trustees, Wastewater Committee, and Physical Facilities Committee. If you would like a copy of the minutes they can be sent either electronically or by paper copy. To rent time and space at the Village Hall, or for general information, please contact the Administrative Office at 854-5501.