2016 Permits

10070 Water Schoendorf Interior Renovation
10068 Water Pyle Interior Renovation
10068 Water Strohmaier Interior Renovation
10070 Water Schoendorf Faceprint Change
10066 Water Interior Renovation
3058 Brodd Beadell Change of Use
3043 Cedar St Darrington Change of Use
3043 Cedar St Darrington Faceprint Change
9980 Water Taillon Land Dist
10006 Water Russell Addition
10077 Oneson Hobel Accessory Struct
Village Wide EBC Sign
10355 Water Sled Dogs Faceprint Change
10331 Amundson Moore Deck Repair
10204 Water Slusser Addition
9891 Water Schmeltz Faceprint Change
9970 Moravia EMC Sign
10257 Townline Koehler Accessory Struct
10204 Water Slusser Faceprint Change
3054 Church K&M Change of Use
3050 Church Liebmann Faceprint Change
2946 Spruce St Pappas Interior Renovation
10401 Water A&M Sign
2970 Settlement Watkins Baker Accessory Struct
Townline Dr Hatch Accessory Struct
10421 Water Barnes Accessory Struct
3281 Holand Marthaler Interior Renovation
2854 Shannon Ln Barnes Interior Renovation
3058 Brodd Beadell Sign
9916 Water Cassidy Sign
3053 Spruce Collins Faceprint Change
10211 Water Plouff Alteration/Repair
10270 S Coral Glenn Addition
9838 Water Held Accessory Struct
10254 Water Benetti Change of Use
2854 Shannon Ln Barnes Remodel
10193 Water Knudson House Land Dist
10295 Water Richter Land Dist
10193 Water Whiteside Alteration/Repair
3028 Church Lutheran Church Land Dist
10153 Moravia Afflerbach Addition
10383 N Shore Hughes Remodel
9660 Ephraim Bluff Ln Hoffman Land Dist
10398 N. Orchard Methner Accessory Struct
9726 Highland Rd Eckert Accessory Struct
3114 Water Schmidt Interior Renovation
10123 Water Anderson Interior Renovation
9895 Water Chomeau Faceprint Change
9948 Water Roppuld Addition
10006 Water Russell Faceprint Change
9971 S.Dane Wilson Change of Use
9996 Pioneer K&M Change of Use
10018 Water Nelson Repair/Replace
10226 S Orchard Ofenloch Repair/Replace
9976 Moravia Thorp Repair/Replace
10024 Moravia Shopin Repair/Replace
10331 Amundson Moore Repair/Replace
9868 Hidden Spring Lardiere Repair/Replace
10254 Water Benetti Repair/Replace
3122 Water Gilson Repair/Replace
3031 Spruce St Pope Repair/Replace
9731 Townline Siebert Repair/Replace