A meeting will be held with a representative of the Department of Revenue on May 2, 2016  at the Ephraim Village Hall at 6PM, the Audio  will be posted on the Community News page. 


Welcome to the Village Of Ephraim!


Door County, Wisconsin


  Nestled along the scenic northern shores of Lake Michigan the Village of Ephraim’s cultural and historical heritage is a blend of Moravian culture and Norwegian ethnic heritage. Founded as a Moravian religious community in 1853 by the Reverend Andreas Iverson, many of the historic buildings, The Moravian Church (1858), the Pioneer Schoolhouse (1880), the Anderson Store (1858) and warehouse, as well as the Anderson Barn (1880) and eight homes in the Village, are more than a century old and all still in use.

    To ensure that Ephraim remains a historic and beautiful location, Ephraim’s zoning is admittedly strict and is continually refined to preserve the distinctive atmosphere and character of the Village. Ephraim has an extensive Historic District with additional zoning regulations to preserve historic structures. 

In the last decade, Ephraim has acquired and developed park and recreation land – the park next to the Village Hall, a park across from the Hall, and a waterfront park with a gazebo for summer concerts across from the Firehouse Marina to name a few. A wetland almost destroyed by a developer that is slowly regenerating was purchased by the Village and has been turned into a Wetland Preserve.     Come visit us in Ephraim and you'll see why we call it home.



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